Discover Your Sexual Wiring

August 18th at 1:30pm – 4:30pm PST


Liberate Hollywood


Los Angeles

Discover your unique erotic wiring! Deepen intimacy and connection, spice up your sex life, create more passion, attraction, and pleasure in the bedroom!

Learn exactly how your body is wired to receive sexual pleasure!

During this 3 hour workshop, you’ll learn the 5 different Erotic BlueprintTM types, the specific turn-on’s and challenges for each type, and how to give and receive pleasure according to your Blueprint.

This class will include both an educational component, and a live demo teaching you how to somatically test ON THE BODY for what turns you on.

You will learn how to do this at home with your partner or with yourself so you can tap into the wisdom of your own body.

Learn how to please your partner in a way they’ve never experienced before and how to communicate to your partner or future partner what turns you on and how to touch you.

This class is amazing for singles and couples. I’ll be teaching you tools to deepen intimacy, pleasure, connection, and add adventure into the bedroom.

Learn what your body needs and desires for turn on, deepening your connection and understanding of your sexuality.

You’ll learn to:

*experience the something more to sex

*connect with yourself and/or your partner sexually & intimately

*feel comfortable and confident in your body and your sexuality

*deepen intimacy and connection

*know specifically what you require to be turned on (physically and psychologically)

*have the tools and confidence to clearly communicate what you desire sexually with your partner (or future partner)

*experience more turn-on and pleasure


*This class is open to both singles and couples of all sexual orientations. You can come with your partner, with a friend, or by yourself. All sexual orientations are welcomed and encouraged. These teachings are valuable for everyone!

*There will be no hands on touching for the participants of the workshop

*18 plus event

*While there is a live demo, there is no nudity at this workshop!

(Spaces are limited)