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This past August marked my six years of sobriety and coming up next week marks five years since the death of my ex partner.

Every year when this time rolls around, I deeply celebrate all the successes and growth in my life. I celebrate his life and our time together. Everyday I am grateful for our relationship and the growth it provided me in becoming who I am today.

This is a perspective I’ve chosen to align myself with. I fully believe we have a choice in how we perceive all events in our life and we can absolutely choose to see even painful experiences as beauty – spiritually speaking, these experiences and relationships are here to serve our greatest expansion.

There is still the human part of me that occasionally cries and feels grief, but mostly I choose an elevated perspective of ultimate love and knowing that my soul chose this path and that my ex partner’s soul also chose his path.

I do share my full story in my book, Self Approved – A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are which you can order on Amazon HERE.

Here’s what I learned on my journey of sobriety, as I propelled my life in the direction I’m now living in and continue to propel myself forward into, and contemplating the path my ex partner’s life took. You see… manifestation isn’t just about things that we call into our life. It’s about who we become and the daily choices we make that ultimately shape our life, who we become and what opportunities come (or don’t come) to us.

The deeper truth about manifestation is that it’s a process of shaping yourself into the aligned person who would experience externally what you desire. It’s an accumulation of daily inner and outer choices.

My life is drastically different than it was six years ago, when I took the courageous step to look myself in the mirror, with my bloodshot eyes, and get honest with myself about the changes I wanted to make and who I was choosing to become. It is also many of the same tools, and inner adjustments that I still use today to continually refine who I am becoming and elevating my life into higher states of joy and fulfillment.

I know that if this is possible for me, it’s absolutely possible for you too. The immense power we each have to create, shape and mold our life into beauty is exponential.

Manifestation isn’t about something just plopping itself into your life, it’s about inner shifts, upgrades and a state of being that attracts experiences, people and opportunities to you.

In today’s video, I share one inner shift I made that drastically changed my life and that continues to even to this day. Watch the video below where I take you into this inner shift and help you apply it for yourself. Click the image below to watch the video. Be sure to like, comment and share if this video and the teachings served you.

Manifestation Masterclass is happening this weekend – Saturday Jan 11th at 3:30pm PST and Sunday Jan 12th at 12:30pm PST where I’ll be teaching you the psychology, energetics and emotional mastery required for consistent and effective manifestation. HERE IS THE LINK TO REGISTER! 

See you inside the masterclass!

Big love,

Speed Up Your Manifestation by Doing This http://kattrimarco.com/speed-up-your-manifestation-by-doing-this/ Wed, 08 Jan 2020 23:38:57 +0000 http://kattrimarco.com/?p=1177

Do you ever really, really want something to come into your life, but you feel like it’s taking too long? It’s not coming quick enough?

In today’s video, I explain how to speed up your manifestations so they come more quickly into your life, but first, in order to understand how to speed them up, I first have to explain what you’re doing to slow them down.

The truth is that when we desire to bring something into our life, the Universe starts going to work immediately to bring us our desire, it’s us as the human that slows down the process.

In this video, I will help you understand what it is that you’re doing inside yourself that could be slowing down the process as well as what to do to get out of your own way and allow the manifestation process to speed up.

Click the image below to watch the video. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!

To learn how to use your mind, energy and emotions to manifest and co-create with the Universe, I’m teaching a free online Manifestation Masterclass Sat Jan 11th and Sun Jan 12th. REGISTER HERE!

Big love,

The most powerful manifestation tool http://kattrimarco.com/the-most-powerful-manifestation-tool/ Tue, 07 Jan 2020 04:13:37 +0000 http://kattrimarco.com/?p=1173

As we gear up for Manifestation Masterclass this weekend (register here), I wanted to share with you my most powerful manifestation tool. 

This tool is already inside of you, you’re just probably not very practiced at using it. 

When you learn how to use and develop this inner tool, you’re life can uplevel and shift very quickly, in the most extraordinary ways. 

My job is to help tap you into your own unique flavor of extraordinary and help you make it a reality in the physical world. 

This is your birthright. Living everything and literally anything you desire in this lifetime is your birthright. But there’s some tools you need to learn how to master to actually believe you can do this and to know how. 

I’m sharing one of them in today’s video, which you can watch by clicking the image below!

You are a powerful creator, and it’s time you master your skill.

See you inside the Manifestation Masterclass (register here)!

Big Love,

How to manifest & create your own reality http://kattrimarco.com/how-to-manifest-create-your-own-reality/ Sat, 04 Jan 2020 00:25:38 +0000 http://kattrimarco.com/?p=1168

How do we manifest and create our own reality?

The truth is that we are manifesting all the time. Life and people are responding to our energy, which is made up of our thoughts and emotions, all the time.

This has always been true.

Creating your own reality on purpose stems from becoming conscious and aware that nothing in your life is happening by accident, you are attracting it all, and more importantly, that you have the power to change it.

Often, when we think of making a change in our life, we try to figure out what action to take. Sometimes, we can’t even see what action to take and so we decide that we aren’t capable of making the change at all.

The truth is that change starts internally. It starts within the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. Most of your thoughts and emotions are happening without your awareness to them, subconsciously.

Deliberately manifesting and learning to create your own reality is about becoming conscious of the unconscious – meaning to become aware of the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and how they are shaping your life and, from there, changing them.

When you start from this place, all things become possible. It does take work. It requires changing your internal world. Watch the video below to learn more about changing your internal world to manifest and create.

On Saturday January 11th and Sunday January 12th, I am teaching a free live online Manifestation Masterclass, which I share more about in the video. The link to register for the free masterclass is also in the video description.

You are a powerful creator and it’s time you come into embodiment of your full potential as a creator.

I look forward to seeing you inside the masterclass!

Big love,


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