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Kat’s Signature Talks:


Signature Talk #1 (Educational)

3 Keys to Satisfying Sex:

How to create consistent sexual connection with yourself and your partner

> Do you feel disconnected from yourself or your partner sexually?
> Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm?
> Do you wish you knew what your sexual needs and desires are?
> And how to communicate them?

Kat teaches you the 3 myths that may be sabotaging your orgasm and creating a sexual disconnect. You’ll learn how to turn these challenges into pathways to create pleasure and connection, both with yourself and your partner (or future partner!)


You will leave knowing:

> What you need to communicate your sexual needs and desires
> How to feel confident expressing yourself sexually

The most common blocks to consistent and fulfilling sex and how to dissolve them

**PLEASE NOTE that Kat can tailor the talk description and content to best suit your event and your particular audience. Please email Kat directly at to discuss your company/events particular needs.


For example, Kat can tailor this talk specifically for:

> Moms desiring to reconnect with their sexuality
> Female entrepreneurs – how connecting with your sexuality increases creativity

Signature Talk #2 (Inspirational/Educational)

Turn Your Pain into Your Power

In this riveting speech, Kat shares her personal journey from over a decade of drug and alcohol abuse, hitting her rock bottom and transforming her life for the purpose of teaching how all of us can take life’s challenges and transform them into our purpose and power.

Attendees learn 4 specific steps on how to take your current or past painful circumstances and rework your inner interpretation of these events to create empowered meanings and use them to create a new future for yourself.


Step 1: Mindfulness & Acceptance
Step 2: Forgiveness
Step 3: Becoming the Creator
Step 4: Heal Your Relationship with Uncertainty


Kat is available for hire to teach workshops and seminars at your wellness event, festival, corporate event, or private events such as women’s retreats, etc.



Seminar Descriptions:


Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life

Intention of the Seminar:

A seminar specifically for women to learn how to feel safe and confident in their sexual expression as well as how to create and communicate sexual  boundaries.



With the rise of awareness around sexuality through the Me Too movement, there’s lots of talk about men and how to approach sex differently.

But what about women?

This is a call for women to know themselves sexuallly, how to have and set both inner boundaries and physical boundaries sexually. Kat teaches women how to reclaim their bodies, their security in self, and how to navigate and hold boundaries around their own sexual energy. For the intention of feeling safe to sexually express as well as being able to access deeper levels of pleasure.


Discover Your Turn On


Intention of the Seminar:

Deepen in intimacy, pleasure, and connection to yourself and your partner. Attendees will learn how to know themselves sexually and how to communicate specific sexual needs and desires.  



One of the leading causes of conflict in relationship is sexual misunderstanding and lack of being able to communicate needs and desires as well as lacking in understanding of your partner’s sexual needs and desires.

This is caused by:

  1. A lack of understanding of one’s own sexual needs and desires
  2. Emotional triggers
  3. Negative and limiting beliefs about self and others


In this seminar, Kat teaches you the 4 components that wholistically make you up as a sexual being – physical, emotional, mental, and energetic.

By understanding these 4 components, Kat gives you a framework to communicate in the bedroom, to deepen intimacy, connection and pleasure.

Kat is an expert
in the areas of:


Sex & Relationships
Communication for Intimacy & Connection
Personal Empowerment
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritually Awakening
Sexual Empowerment




Kat has spoken at events all across North America, including the world renowned Wanderlust Festival.



Speaking Style


Kat has a way of speaking with incredible authenticity, making her engaging and relatable to her audience, especially with sensitive subjects like sex. She has a way of making her audience feel safe and comfortable opening up.

Kat weaves her personal stories into each of her seminars and workshops, helping her audience understand and integrate all that they’re learning in a tangible way. She doesn’t just deliver content from the stage. She connects, engages, and inspires.



What people are saying about Kat

“I heard Kat’s talk ‘3 Keys to Satisfying Sex: How to create consistent sexual connection with yourself and your partner’ So many ‘ah-ha’s’ and breakthrough moments! As women, we never learn about our sexuality in the way Kat teaches. Groundbreaking! She makes a topic that can feel so uncomfortable, safe to learn about and explore.”        


“Kat is a powerful speaker and a master storyteller.  Her essence brings comfort to a not always comfortable topic helping everyone in the room to feel at ease, open and ready to learn.”


“Sex is a taboo subject and most of us weren’t taught healthy ways to have our needs met or communicate needs and desires in the relationship. Kat has done the research and speaks from personal experience, she makes it easy/safe to ask questions and guides you on a journey of self-discovery.  She helps you break down the barriers that have kept you a prisoner in your own body.  You learn to communicate your needs in a way that creates a win-win in the relationship.”

Chella Diaz

“Kat tells the untold story. One that people never speak about in public or even in the most private conversations. As she draws me deeper into her story, I realize that she is speaking directly to me and she has awakened a hidden yearning deep inside of me that is waiting to be unleashed. I feel like she holds the missing piece to make me whole and complete.”