Public Speaker & Seminar Facilitator

“Kat is a powerful speaker and a master storyteller.  Her essence brings comfort to a not always comfortable topic helping everyone in the room to feel at ease, open and ready to learn.”


“I heard Kat’s talk ‘3 Keys to Satisfying Sex: How to create consistent sexual connection with yourself and your partner’ So many ‘ah-ha’s’ and breakthrough moments! As women, we never learn about our sexuality in the way Kat teaches. Groundbreaking! She makes a topic that can feel so uncomfortable, safe to learn about and explore.”        


Kat is an expert in the areas of:

Sex & Relationships
Communication for Intimacy & Connection
Personal Empowerment
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritually Awakening
Sexual Empowerment

Kat Trimarco creates an environment for her students and audience that is educational, inspirational and current. She is an incredibly authentic and dynamic speaker that has spoken at events all across North America, including the world renowned Wanderlust Festival!  She has a way of making her audience feel safe and comfortable, especially with sensitive subjects like sex. 

Kat educates and connects with people of all ages, while expertly weaving her personal stories into each of her speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.  Kat doesn’t just deliver content from the stage. She connects, engages, and inspires!


What people are saying about Kat

“Sex is a taboo subject and most of us weren’t taught healthy ways to have our needs met or communicate needs and desires in the relationship. Kat has done the research and speaks from personal experience, she makes it easy/safe to ask questions and guides you on a journey of self-discovery.  She helps you break down the barriers that have kept you a prisoner in your own body.  You learn to communicate your needs in a way that creates a win-win in the relationship.”

Chella Diaz

“Kat tells the untold story. One that people never speak about in public or even in the most private conversations. As she draws me deeper into her story, I realize that she is speaking directly to me and she has awakened a hidden yearning deep inside of me that is waiting to be unleashed. I feel like she holds the missing piece to make me whole and complete.”


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