Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life
(online self-study program)

~Awaken your sexual energy, change your mind about sex, and learn how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression~

> Do you desire to feel connected to yourself sexually? To share in this connection with your partner, current or future?

> Do you desire clarity on what it is you specifically desire in sex?

> To feel safe and secure to express yourself sexually?

> To release sexual guilt, shame and cultural conditioning on what it means to be a sexually embodied woman?

> To activate and ignite your sexual energy and libido?

> To know yourself sexually?

> To feel comfortable and accepted during sex and intimacy?

> Do you desire to create intimacy, connection, and physical pleasure in your relationship, future or current?


What you’ll learn in this course…

> How to activate and awaken your libido and sexual energy

> How to dismantle sexual guilt and shame

> How to confidently find and express your own unique turn-on and pleasure

> How to rekindle and deepen the connection to your own genitals

> How your mind is one of your biggest sexual organs and how changing your thoughts and beliefs about your body, men, and sex increases your pleasure and turn-on (this is seriously one of my personal favorites!)

> Learn how your body and psyche are uniquely wired to receive sexual pleasure (we’re all wired differently and this is often the cause of miscommunication in relationship!)

> How to feel safe embodying your sexual energy

> How to set and maintain sexual boundaries, physical and energetic

> To define what being a sexually embodied woman means and feels like to you

> How to trust yourself

> How to add pleasure back into your life

> How to access turn-on and pleasure at your own will


Course Breakdown…

Each of the 3 modules in Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life is complete with a video training, teaching summary, journal prompts, and practices for you to implement.
Here’s what’s inside each module!


Module 1: Awakening Your Sexual Energy

> expanding your definition of sex beyond intercourse

> how to awaken and ignite your sexual energy and libido

> coming home to your sexual self

> beyond the bedroom – how you do sex is how you do life

> reclaiming your relationship with your genitals


Module 2: Changing Your Mind About Sex

> your mind is one of your biggest sex organs

> how to use your mind to increase pleasure

> dismantling negative beliefs about your body, sex, men and relationships
and creating new constructive beliefs

> discover how you’re uniquely wired to receive sexual pleasure
(not everybody’s body is the same!)

> where does sexual shame come from and how to dismantle it


Module 3: Feeling Safe to Sexually Express

> how to feel safe, secure and comfortable sexually

> how to create energetic and physical boundaries

> how to become fully sexually expressed as it feels authentic to you

> creating a container of safety in your own body