Spiritual Psychology Coaching

Every symptom and situation that shows up in your life is indicative of a pattern of energy, thought, and emotion inside of you.

Everything symptom you experience externally, ranging from depression, addiction, obsessive compulsive behaviors, disordered eating, self-hatred, or an overall sense of feeling unfilled, unhappy, pleasure-less, and joyless are caused by internal energetic patterns and misperceptions of self.

It is these same inner patterns that have you plateau at certain levels of success or keep you stuck unable to reach certain levels of success.

In Kat’s Spiritual Psychology based coaching, she helps you shift at the root cause of what’s causing distress in your life to create lasting and permanent change instead of bandaging your symptoms.

Release and heal the wounds that have been holding you back. Experience more freedom (the real ‘holy crap life is amazing’ kind), have more joy, happiness, and a richness in life.

From the moment we are born, the conditioning starts with things like…

Who you should be

What you should do

How you should look

What you should say…

But who are you really?

Who are you beneath all the conditioning of society, your parents, the school system, partners and spouses, bosses and peers? How would you truly express yourself in the absence of seeking everyone’s approval?

Without even knowing it, you entered the conditioning.

You entered into becoming who you thought you needed to be to gain love, acceptance, connection, success and approval, straying from your natural internal guidance system.

Who you were conditioned to be and who you really are, in truth, are entirely different people.

This masked form of living is the plague of the 21st century with symptoms showing up all over the place: depression, addiction, obsessive compulsive behaviors, disordered eating, self-hatred, and an overall sense of feeling unfilled, unhappy, pleasure-less, and joyless.

Many suffer silently behind closed doors without understanding the cause or how to make tangible changes or continually create change externally and never feel any different inside. Most people try to fix the symptom instead of looking at the energetic and internal cause of the symptom in the first place.

Kat helps you get to the root of the symptom and then heal and transform.

Born highly intuitive, Kat has the ability to see and feel what’s occurring below the surface of your problems and challenges – this gift allows her shift and transform at the root of what’s causing distress and clear the energetic patterns. From there you learn how to shift emotions, perceptions, and awareness to set yourself emotionally free and create life as you desire it to be.

Kat’s style of coaching is a combination of teaching you the tools and processes that have created a massive transformation for her personally, along with working with processes of Spiritual Psychology.

Kat’s coaching is unique as you’ll work together on all layers of your being – physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

Many people struggle to create lasting change because they focus on only one or two of these layers. All four must be considered and shifted to create lasting change.

“Kat has been coaching me through some big transitions in my life and guiding me on how to overcome barriers placed in my way. I could not have navigated through these without her help.  Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the root causes of the fears that have hindered me so much in the past. We have clearly identified my values and I now use these as a guide to the decisions I make regarding my goals and my relationships. By working with Kat, my self-esteem has improved greatly and I have found a stronger voice and advocate within myself as a result.  My greater sense of empowerment feels wonderful and I can’t thank Kat enough!”


Working with Kat, you’ll receive…


*Get to the root cause of what’s causing you distress, discomfort and lack of clarity and what you need to do to shift it

Confidence & Certainty

*Heal from past hurts and pains – finding and creating empowered meanings from past hurts and pains using them to create a compelling future for yourself

Abundance & Energy Expansion

*Understand and remove the blocks and limiting belief systems that are holding you back – rewiring positive and empowering belief systems to create the life and future you desire!

Deep Desires Manifested

*Bring to life your dreams and desires by understanding and learning how to navigate your inner world of thoughts, emotions, and energies – dreams and desires are GREAT when they’re in your heart, but they are MAGICAL when they are brought to LIFE!

Self-Trust & Connection to Source (Universe, God, Intuition)

*Develop a deep sense of self-worth, self-love, and self-confidence – become your OWN guru, learn how to read and trust your internal guidance system and lead from a place of self-approval!

Love & True Connection

*Create healthy and fulfilling relationships – gaining understanding and clarity around what you desire in a relationship, what you deserve, and how to navigate the challenges and obstacles within them!

“I’ve gone from feeling fearful and uncertain about my next steps to feeling in touch with myself, my desires and my power. It has been a few weeks since we finished her coaching package and I can still feel the wave of benefits that have come along with it.


 Kat has helped me reconnect with my true self in a life situation that could have easily pulled me down stream.


I’m really grateful for our sessions and the guidance that Kat provided me with. I’m feeling a level of peace and comfort in my own skin that I haven’t felt since childhood and I credit that to the tools and habits we worked on together.


She truly inspires me to be more like ME and more like the authentic version of me. It’s so wonderful to be able to witness someone being brave enough to share their rawness and beauty with the world and it empowers me to be that beautiful version of myself.

Thanks for everything Kat.”


“Working with Kat has enabled me to tap into this mindset and change my approach to how I want to live a life that feels as authentic to me in every way possible.

Through our weekly phone calls, open dialogue and reflection, accountability, weekly assignments, and unconditional support and belief in me, I was able to transform my limiting beliefs around women in the STEM workforce, trusting men in all forms of relationships (work, romance, family & friends), being healthy, wholesome, and self-compassionate with myself to create a new welcoming space to accomplish new successes and receive new miracles.

I can truly say I am blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity of working with her as a student and her as my life coach because now I can show up for beautiful changes as I continue to serve myself with a more positive and loving outlook on life. Keep inspiring and motivating

Kat, your service is making a phenomenal difference!!”