Kat Trimarco

Evolutionary Thought Leader | Quantum Teacher & Coach | Author | Speaker


Create your ownReality

Kat Trimarco

Evolutionary Thought Leader | Teacher & Coach | Author | Speaker

Create Your Own Reality.

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Self Approved Book

Self Approved Book

About Kat Trimarco

Kat Trimarco is an Evolutionary Thought Leader, Quantum Teacher & Coach, Author & Speaker.

Kat Trimarco is an Evolutionary Thought Leader, Quantum Teacher & Coach, Author & Speaker.
She teaches people to understand and work with Universal Laws, their thoughts, emotions, energies and different dimensions of consciousness to experience deep internal fulfillment as well as to manifest and co-create a beautiful life, actualizing & embodying their highest available timelines of reality into the physical realm.

Work With Kat

Kat has a selection of options for working with and learning from her including:

*Private 1-1 Coaching (3 month package)

*Single Private 1-1 Coaching Session (60 minutes)

*Masters of the Universe Mastermind (3 month semi-private container)


Learn more about each of these options below and select that which best suites you and your current needs. 

For further questions about our programs or inquiries, please email our team at contact@KatTrimarco.com


External experience is a reflection of internal reality. Our thoughts, emotions, and how we flow our own consciousness determine both the internal and external experiences we create in every aspect of life. By working within these internal realms, all realities are changeable and rearrangable. We are able to build new psychological structures internally to create any new desired experience and reality externally.

By working with Kat, you will learn, be guided and mentored in how to build new internal realities, working with the inner faculties of your own mind, emotions, energy and consciousness to become the masterful co-creator of your own reality.


~Masters of the Universe Mastermind~

Masters of the Universe Mastermind is a semi-private container for those who are eager students of life. Students within the Mastermind will be working closely with Kat, learning how to work with the powerful quantum laws of the Universe and their own inner world to manifest and co-create beyond that which they’ve yet known. 

Masters of the Universe is available through application only.




Build a relationship with your spiritual self & learn to consciously work with your inner creative faculties to co-create a beautiful inner state & manifested reality. 


6 week online immersion.


With a unique combination of neuroscience, Yoga Nidra, spiritual and quantum psychology, Kat Trimarco and Alex Nashton have teamed up and joined forces to bring you cutting edge teachings to tap into and co-create with the wisdom of your Soul, the intelligence of the Universe and to work consciously with your own mind, perceptions and energy to shift your internal state, take intuition led aligned action and propel yourself forward towards the realities & versions of yourself you desire to embody!

More Than Just a Coach…

Activate your quantum teaching & coaching abilities.
Align with your soul mission as a teacher of evolution.
Step into & embody your purpose.

3 month intensive program where you learn what it really means to be a teacher of evolution & transformation to serve your clients & students at the highest while embodying your truest, aligned expression of self, channeling from your Soul.

For those starting the journey of teaching from their soul and for seasoned teachers & coaches ready to unlock the next layers of depth & alignment in their mission.


Align is a 6 week online self-study program where you’ll learn how your inner world is the foundation to everything you’re living and experiencing externally. Learn to create new, desired experiences through altering your perception of self and reality. Learn how to navigate & work with your thoughts, emotions and your Soul to create new desired experiences and aligned expressions of self.

Self Approved Sex

Self Approved Sex is for the woman who wants MORE sexually – to know herself sexually, to connect sexually and to open the doors of sexual expansion.

Discover what your sexual desires are and how to communicate your desires in the bedroom. Step into and confidently embody your unique sexual expression. Access deep states of orgasmic pleasure, create attraction & magnetism, AND SO MUCH MORE! This is the sex ed you never received…


The Power Within You

The Power Within You is an 8 week deep dive into the advanced understanding of what it means to be a multi-dimensional co-creator and how to work within the dimensions of your consciousness to align with new realities. Develop a deeper connection with your Eternal Self and the Universe to live and experience within yourself beyond that which you’ve yet known.

Hire  Kat   to  Speak  orTeach

Keynote Speaking & Teaching

Kat is highly knowledgeable on the wisdom of how life & the Universe operate, how to deeply know the layers of self and how to work with our inner faculties to become the masterful creators of our own life experience. The expertise with which she weaves highly intellectual teachings with relatable life experiences, gives you real tools for navigating and understanding the effect of every experience. 

Kat weaves her personal stories into each of her seminars and workshops, helping her audience understand and integrate all that they’re learning in a tangible way. She doesn’t just deliver content from the stage. She connects, engages, and inspires.

Hire Kat for your next event.




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