My Story

The day after my 24th birthday, I woke up face down on my living room floor.

I couldn’t remember the last 12 hours. I slowly and clumsily made my way to the bathroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror…

My eyes were bloodshot and swollen. I thought “I have got to change…” only moments before chugging the remnants of a bottle of vodka and passing out again. As the liquid raced down my throat, I knew, on a Soul level, that I was being called to much more.

That moment was pivotal.

What I finally did and who I became in the days, weeks, months and years that followed, altered the course of my life. I didn’t just look in the mirror that morning and then fall back into old patterns the next day as many people do when trying to change. Instead, I made a decision: I committed to change and went to work …on myself.

Who was I? How did I really want to live? If I had just this one life, what was I going to do with it?

I committed myself to internal and external transformation. After 10 years of partying, I walked away from drugs and alcohol. Instead of pouring booze into my body, I started pouring myself into growth and finding out who I really was. Who we really are.

I sought to understand life. I sought to understand the greater picture of our existence. I sought to understand how to actualize new versions of self. I packed my bags and set out to find the truth of who I was as I travelled and explored different physical locations on Earth as I simultaneously adventured inward, to seek within the recesses of my consciousness.

I sought out what they didn’t teach us in school – how to understand our inner world of thought and emotion and how the two in combination produce our reality. To know my eternal self beyond the flesh, to align with and co-create in conjunction with all of that which I am.

By shifting the way we think, how we feel and our behaviors we are able to rebuild and reclaim our lives in every aspect, creating and recreating the projections that we experience as the external circumstances of our life.

We are able to structure our reality as we desire it to be, repeatedly.

But first, we must come face to face with the patterns and mental programming that currently run the show, becoming aware of the contents within our own conscious mind and rearranging our internal experience.

By knowing the eternal nature of our Soul in the flesh and through the structuring of new thoughts, self-identifications and truly understanding how the nature of reality works, we are able to shape and design any aspect of our lives and ourselves into that which we desire it to be.


Most people live their lives in programmed and habitual patterns, that don’t fully honor the limitless creativity of the Soul. Or merely operate on auto-pilot, reacting to life instead of creating life.

My line in the sand moment came when I chose sobriety and ended my relationship. Shortly after walking away from my relationship, the man I loved passed away. His death catalyzed my growth and seeking of life’s truths even deeper. Through the grief of our lost relationship and his passing, I went deeper within myself and deeper into my exploration of the unseen realms – to understand that which is beyond our physical sight and how we co-create with these realms of energy.

To know who we truly are as the infinite being, part of which is focused here in physical form, creating through our consciousness, we open up to greater expressions of self and greater creative capabilities within our human expression.

Through my own trials, tribulations and questions asked about life, I came to understanding the inner workings of who we are and how we create change in our lives. To even further understand that everything is always working out in our favor, even when it appears otherwise. Things are always being rearranged and shifted for us to connect with the greatest versions of ourselves, allowing the expression of this self in the form of our physical life.

Creation beyond that which we’ve ever yet known becomes possible through consciously co-creating with our eternal self, using our mind as the creatively genius tool that it is and through restructuring our awareness of our core self-identity.

Through the awareness of who you are as an eternal being and how your inner faculties operate to work with the powers of the Universe to co-create your reality, all experiences become the stepping stones to the creation of new desired realities, to self-actualization and to accessing even more of your total self.  

Which is what I’m here to teach. To teach you of the innate power and creative tools that live within you to create and re-create new realities, experiences, and articulations of self as you desire them to be. To access deep purpose, fulfillment, joy and connection within yourself, through the knowing of that which you really are and how creation works.

Earth is your creative playground of manifestation, experiences, and expressions of self.

Are you ready for even more?