Self Approved™: A guide to accepting, loving, and expressing the person you truly are, is an inspirational memoir and self-help book in which author, Kat Trimarco, takes the reader on a revelatory journey through her childhood and teenage years rippled with emotional abuse, self-sabotage, and unworthiness. This leads her down the path of her adult life, mirroring the lack of self-love and acceptance through co-dependent relationships, drug and alcohol abuse. These experiences left her stripped of all remnants of self-esteem, deeply wounding her sensitive spirit.

This is the story of a seeker whose greatest gift in life’s dark moments is her quiet intelligence and her willingness to embody truth through rigorous self- examination. For it is in deconstructing her negative patterns that she rescues herself and triumphs by owning her truth.

Stepping into a career as a Life Coach, Sex Coach and motivational speaker, Kat guides readers with a quiet authority and wisdom to unlock her Be Yourself Blueprint™: – seven processes to help you discover your true state of “Is-ness”. In doing so, you will be able to finally remove the layers and masks that have hindered you from expressing your most authentic self and move towards outwardly living who and what you feel like on the inside.

What people are saying about Self Approved…

What people are saying about Self Approved…

“Kat speaks from such a vulnerable and authentic place that you can’t help but fall in love with her and her journey to accepting and loving herself. Self Approved is raw and relatable and a book that I could read over and over again.”

- Megan

“One thing this book is not is a quick fix. Thank god for that because in my experience anything that claims to be a quick fix is bulls*it. I’m grateful that It’s represented as a journey, a program that’s not about perfection.
If you are looking for an author who shows vulnerability, is authentic, brave, relatable and inspiring then this divine human being is the lady for you.
If you are a woman, regardless of where you are, or where you think you are in life, you need to read this book!!!”

- Rhiannon Hart, Blogger & Book reviewer

“So excited there is hope for the suffering souls of abandonment, which leads to low self esteem! This young woman shows how to heal deep pain early in life. A true healer and a must read for all.”

- Kerrie

“Beautiful story by Kat. Well written and very brave to be so authentic.”

- Tara

“Amazing book!!! Highly recommend it!!! If you’re ‘Self Approved’, you have EVERYTHING :)”

- Jaime

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