Falling in love with your “F*ck This Sh*t Moments”

Oftentimes when we have our F*ck This Sh*t Moments, we can think that something has gone wrong or that we’ve done something wrong.

You know your F*ck This Sh*t Moments… The ones where you literally want to scream, “NO MORE!”, draw a line in the sand and make a new decision, move yourself in a new direction and set up a new dynamic for how things get to be for you and how things get to go in your life.

I have had so many of these moments in my life and I attribute them to lots of the radical, upleveling and changes I’ve created over the years. They have always been epic shifting points where I decide, without wavering, to focus in a new direction and create new in my reality.

These are powerful moments. They are moments that literally have the power to create whole new worlds and whole new identities when we use them consciously.

So how do you use your F*ck This Sh*t Moments constructively and alchemize them into greatness?

First, fall in love with them. Celebrate them. When we are really clear on what we don’t want and the dynamics that we are no longer available for, we also have the opportunity to become aware of the new dynamics we are available for and are choosing to align with – to hold as the new standard for ourselves and our life.

Secondly, look for the opportunity. There is always opportunity. Nothing is ever “going wrong”, this is only a perception. When you draw your line in the sand for what you’re no longer available for, what’s on the other side of the line? Get clear this. Write it out. Decide it. Align with it and anchor into it. This is literally forming your new reality into being.

Thirdly, thank your F*ck This Sh*t Moment and anyone else who was involved in the creation of it. We often think other people are doing something wrong when they trigger something within us or that something’s gone wrong when a situation triggers an emotion within us, but these are actually blessings. We never decided to be exactly the same or for every person we interact with to be exactly as we think they should be. We never decided that every situation to be exactly as we thought it should be – instead we look for the opportunity in what trigger arises within us through using it to see where we want to shift our focus and thinking towards.

This is the opportunity. Thank anyone involved and the situation itself inside your own heart for the clarity on who you’re now being and what you’re now shifting into. If we had no awareness of unwanted, there could be no awareness of wanted. That’s the dynamic here on Earth and it’s essential for creation.

Finally, lock in your new reality. In other words, stay on the new side of the line in the sand. Anchor in who you now are and what you’re now available for in your thoughts, your identity, your emotions and who you BE – even before the physical world around you shows evidence of it. This is the key to all new creation, all new dynamics and all new realities. That which we embody and anchor into in our internal world has to, in time, be reflected to us externally. It’s energetic law.

Fall in love with your F*ck This Sh*t Moments. Use them constructively. The next time you have one, use it as the opportunity that it is and make a powerful decision to step into the embodiment of your new desire. Be it. And watch as your external world and what shows up for you matches who you’ve now decided to be and what you’ve now decided to be available for.

Big Love,