We don’t get what we want (necessarily). We get what we’re aligned to. We get what we expect.

We get what we’re ready to receive.

Of course, we can align our expectation with what we actually want, in which case, we most certainly will get it.

Sometimes, what we say we want and who we’re being don’t actually line up.

We can have the ideal in our mind of who we want to be. Of who we have the potential to become and the realities and experiences that have the potential of manifesting into our life. These inner dreams, visions and desires are connection points within us to what’s possible. For who we can be. For what can become in our life.

But to actually bring our inner dreams, visions and desired realities into the manifest world, we have to vibe with them. To vibe with them, we have to, in our embodied state, think, feel and literally be as the version of our self that we see and feel as a possibility within us. We have to be about it.

You can’t be living in contradiction to your inner vision and have it manifest.

You can’t say you want the beautiful relationship that you sense and feel in your heart is available for you, while cluttering up your life with the energy of partners whom you know in your heart aren’t aligned with what you really want. Or be out chasing people to fill a space who you know aren’t the energy of who you want to ultimately be with.

Of course this doesn’t just apply for relationships, but for anything you desire.

We have to make space within ourselves to allow for the receiving of what we say we want.

Sometimes, it’s right in front of us. But because our life and our inner reality is cluttered with other thoughts or things and people that aren’t what we really want and are just taking up space… we don’t see it. Even though it’s right in front of us.

Make space for what you want.

Be willing to be honest with yourself about what it is you really want. Tell yourself the truth about what is currently taking up space in your life that isn’t it. You don’t have to speak it out loud. No one else needs to know about it. This is between you and you.

Even if you don’t yet know the path to what you want, at least be willing to create space to discover it. It will become clear as space is made for it to reveal itself to you.