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Kat creates an environment for her students and audience that is educational, inspirational and current. She is an incredibly authentic and dynamic speaker and teacher of personal evolution and the mastery of consciousness. Kat has spoken at events all across North America, including the world renowned Wanderlust Festival! 

Kat educates and connects with people of all ages, while expertly weaving her personal stories into each of her speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.  Kat doesn’t just deliver content from the stage. She connects, engages, and inspires!

Kat is most recognized for how authentic and real she is on stage and while teaching, taking her audience and students beyond that which they’ve known themselves to be, into their heart, and remembering the depth of who they are as an eternal being and how to masterfully navigate their personal evolution and journey through consciousness. 

Kat is highly knowledgeable with so much wisdom on how life & the Universe operate, how to deeply know the layers of self and how to work with our inner faculties to become the masterful creators of our own life experience. The expertise with which she weaves highly intellectual teachings with relatable life experiences, gives you real tools for navigating and understanding the effect of every experience.


What People are Saying

“Kat is a powerful speaker and a master storyteller.  

Her essence has everyone in the room feel at ease, open and ready to learn.”

Karen McGregor

“Kat tells the untold story. One that people never speak about. As she draws me deeper into her story, I realize that she is speaking directly to me and she has awakened a hidden yearning deep inside of me that is waiting to be unleashed. I feel like she holds the missing piece to make me whole and complete.”

Nicki Chang

“So many ‘ah-ha’s’ and breakthrough moments listening to and learning from Kat! We never learn about ourselves in the way Kat teaches. Groundbreaking!”        

Evelyn McKelvie

Wisdom of Self & the Structure of Reality

Kat teachers her students how to work within the inner realms of their being to create new realities. Her teachings are in depth in understanding the multiple layers of ourselves as eternal beings focused into a physical reality.


Kat’s teachings involve working with the mind, emotions, energies and intentionality to structure new personal realities into focus. As well as how to navigate the inner landscape to create a life of fulfillment, purpose & joy.

Hire Kat   to Speak or Teach at Your Event

 Kat is available for hire to speak and teach at meetings and events, customizing the teachings to best suite your particular audience.  

She works with and teaches creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders globally as well as individuals on a journey of self-discovery, self-actualization and self-realization.

She speaks at personal development and wellness based events, festivals & to semi-private groups of individuals.


Hire Kat to speak at your corporation, event or to facilitate your seminar today by emailing contact@KatTrimarco.com

“Kat has done the research and speaks from personal experience, she makes it easy to ask questions and guides you on a journey of self-discovery.  She helps you break down the barriers that have kept you a prisoner within your own self.”

Chella Diaz