Masters of the Universe Mastermind

Masters of the Universe Mastermind is a semi-private container, where students work closely with Kat within a small group. Inside the Mastermind, students will be learning to work within their own psychology, energy and consciousness to create and manifest their desired realities and articulations of self within reality.

Students will be learning to work within the quantum model of the Universe, creating new psychological grids and frequency patterns within themselves to experience newness within themselves and within their manifested reality. They will learn to co-create with Infinite Intelligence as well as open up Soul communication, soul wisdom and direct downloads from non-physical dimensions of consciousness for guidance and greater co-creative abilities.

Masters of the Universe is for those who know that they do create their own reality and who are ready to work within the precision of how to do this consciously and consistently.


Who the Mastermind is For

The Masters of the Universe Mastermind is for those who:

*Eager students of life & self

*On a path of self-realization, self-actualization, evolution & self mastery

*Ready to learn the specifics of HOW their inner reality creates the external and eager to do the inner work to shift & align

*Ready to create next level success & inner fulfillment – for those who desire & believe that they get to have BOTH

*Ready to work within their inner world to create new future realities and who are excited to learn and embody the intricacies of how to do this

*Excited to co-create and play with Universal forces to manifest

*Desirous of continual grown, evolution & expansion!

Structure: What’s Included

The Masters of the Universe Mastermind includes:

*Weekly Classes

*Weekly Group Coaching

*Daily group messenger chat & voice message support



What Other’s Have Experienced Working with Kat

“In being held, coached, and supported by Kat I have had profound growth and expansion within my inner and outer worlds. With Kat’s support and insightful and intuitive coaching, I have connected with more of my true self and essence, and unearthed my deep desires and purpose.

I have learned to recognize old patterns and stories that hold me hostage and in a contractive state and can now actively shift those feelings and emotions into an expansive and higher vibrational state of being.

The classes, meditations, coaching calls, and support create an incredible toolbox of practices easily integrated into daily life to make huge shifts!

I have stepped into a higher frequency of trust and well being. I have manifested an incredible relationship, and have taken action on projects and decisions that will expand me into my soul’s purpose as a creator and artist. If you are feeling called into growth and expansion, to truly get in touch with your soul and what you desire, then working with Kat is an incredible experience and opportunity.

I think this is the most important work we can be doing as individuals and as a collective right now.”


    “”Kat teaches about jumping timelines. And I feel I’m jumping from one timeline to another every week and even after we finished the program! The collective energy is extreme these days. And with the tools I’ve learned, I am riding each wave and reaching a new shore after every dive. 

I love that there’s a scientific explanation to the spiritual practices Kat teaches. Being able to explain to people what I am doing and using terminology that is digestible depending on their belief system.

I’ve always felt like I was a bad student growing up, and to be fair I was.
Schoolwork was never meant for people like me. But in this program, I felt so special, I felt like my nature was
excelling without much effort. I felt like I was the best student I had ever been. And now I want to continue being a student for the rest of my life.

I feel I’m more free in how I am living and in my living situation. Home Free. I am setting on a cross country road trip with no deadline and one aim, com-unity.

What you learn will transform, and morph you. What I hear now vs what I heard then – it’s true what Kat says, there are codes implemented and the deeper you go, the deeper you hear what is being said.