Self-Study Programs


Align is a 6 week online self-study program where you’ll learn how your inner world is the foundation to everything you’re living and experiencing externally. Learn to create new, desired experiences through altering your perception of self and reality. Learn how to navigate & work with your thoughts, emotions and your Soul to create new desired experiences and aligned expressions of self.

More Than Just a COACH

Activate your quantum teaching & coaching abilities.
Align with your soul mission as a teacher of evolution.
Step into & embody your purpose.

3 month intensive program where you learn what it really means to be a teacher of evolution & transformation to serve your clients & students at the highest while embodying your truest, aligned expression of self, channeling from your Soul.

For those starting the journey of teaching from their soul and for seasoned teachers & coaches ready to unlock the next layers of depth & alignment in their mission.

The Power Within You

The Power Within You is an 8 week deep dive into the advanced understanding of what it means to be a multi-dimensional co-creator and how to work within the dimensions of your consciousness to align with new realities. Develop a deeper connection with your Eternal Self and the Universe to live and experience within yourself beyond that which you’ve yet known.

Self Approved Sex

Self Approved Sex is for the woman who wants MORE sexually – to know herself sexually, to connect sexually and to open the doors of sexual expansion.

Discover what your sexual desires are and how to communicate your desires in the bedroom. Step into and confidently embody your unique sexual expression. Access deep states of orgasmic pleasure, create attraction & magnetism, AND SO MUCH MORE! This is the sex ed you never received…

Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life Mini Course

Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life is a 3 module mini course, complete with videos, teaching summaries, journal prompts & at home practices that take you through a process of activating & awakening your sexual energy, how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression & how to connect with yourself sexually.