Sex & Relationship Coaching

Consider this the sex education you never received growing up. Kat teaches you how your body is uniquely wired to receive sexual pleasure, and how to communicate your sexual needs and desires to your partner. You’ll work through the emotional and mental barriers that hold you back from living a deeply fulfilling and satiating sex life.

Do You:

*Struggle to understand your own sexual needs and desires

*Experience difficulty communicating what it is you enjoy sexually

*Feel sexual judgement or shame

*Crave deeper intimacy and connection with your own body and with your partner

*Struggle to reach orgasm, feeling like tipping over the edge is illusive

*Desire to access deeper states of orgasm

*Desire to open up and feel safe to sexually express yourself with your partner (current or future)

*Want to feel comfortable communicating your sexual needs and desires in the bedroom and in your relationship (current or future)

*Feel like you have NO sexual desire?

*Feel like you have so much sexual desire and it’s never fulfilled?

Aside from sex ed in elementary school, we weren’t really taught anything about sex, how to know our bodies, pleasure, desires, and boundaries. We weren’t taught how to communicate sexual needs and desires with a partner. Or how to effectively communicate in relationship at all!

One of the leading causes of disconnect in relationships is sexual misunderstandings and miscommunications.

At the heart of connecting deeply and intimately with your partner, is truly knowing and connecting with yourself.

Kat’s sexuality coaching is unique in that she works with you on all layers of your being  – physical, emotional, mental, and energetic. Most sex therapists and coaches work primarily on the physical level, but this is only one part that makes you up as a sexual being.

Working with Kat, she will help you map out specifically how your body is wired to receive sexual pleasure. If you’re in partnership, you’ll also learn how your partner is wired.

After understanding how specifically you’re wired, Kat teaches you how to communicate your needs and desires. Whether you’ve been in relationship for years or you’re single and want to go into partnership and dating with this foundation of knowing yourself and with these communication skills, you’ll get all of this working with Kat.

“Kat has changed my life in so many ways.

 Before this coaching I thought I was broken. I love my husband so much but feared that I didn’t have any sexual desire. Throughout the program I learned so much about myself and my false belief systems and the definitions I had connected to sex.

With her help I completely changed my mindset and healed from previous experiences and feel like I am actually in my body again. This has not only helped in my marriage but also in life and business to be connected and empowered in my body and spirit.

It was an incredible experience, so much fun, and we have a whole new marriage. There is a whole new level of love and respect and admiration for each other and I give Kat so much credit and gratitude for that. Every session provided me with a safe space to share my fears and concerns, and supported me in transforming into where I want to be in my life and relationships with others and myself.”


With her background in Spiritual Psychology, Kat helps you clear emotional blocks that hold you back sexually. She helps you examine and dismantle negative and limiting beliefs about sex, yourself, and your partner and to create constructive, love based belief systems that move you from miscommunication and frustration to intimacy and connection.

This allows you to express and embody your sexual desires without judgement. To hear and understand your partner’s sexual needs and desires without judgement.

Kat helps you to dismantle the heavy conditioning around sex, helping you come home to your true pleasure and sexual self-expression, access deeper states of orgasm, and create intimacy and connection with both yourself and your partner (current or future).

**Please note that all sex coaching is done over the phone. There is no touch involved. The on the body portion of what you’ll be learning is done by yourself at home or with your partner**

A Message from Kat…

“It’s important to me to keep coaching and education around sexuality of the highest integrity and I strive to make my clients feel as safe and comfortable as possible in opening up and talking about this personal subject.”

Given Kat’s unique blend of ability to work with you on all layers of your sexuality, here are the benefits and transformation you’ll experience.  

What you can expect working with Kat:

*Learn exactly WHAT YOU WANT in the bedroom

*Feel CONFIDENT in your body

*Experience deeper sexual pleasure and ORGASM

*Feel safe to EXPRESS yourself sexually

*Know how to communicate your SEXUAL NEEDS and desires to your partner

*Feel CONFIDENT in how to communicate what you want in the bedroom

*Reach heightened states of orgasm and PLEASURE

*Develop a deep love and ACCEPTANCE for your body

*Develop deeper INTIMACY and connection both with yourself and with your partner (current or future)

*Understand how to navigate and dissolve CONFLICT in your relationship

*Learn effective relationship COMMUNICATION

“I used to feel very disconnected in my relationship. I had very little desire for my partner and was starting to feel hopeless, like I would never be satisfied settling down with one person.

Then I learned about the sexual blueprints and that my sexual blueprint was not being fed for years, and that’s why I wasn’t feeling much sexual desire for my partner. Through learning about the different blueprints and sexual needs we each had we were able to connect with one another on a much deeper level.

Now I am finally starting to feel desire for my partner, my fears of settling down with him are becoming less and less, and we have a much healthier relationship over all.

Thanks so much Kat!”


Kat works with women, men, and couples of all sexual orientations.

Kat works with her clients in 3 month increments. To book an initial session with Kat and to discuss working with her….