“Six months ago, I found myself at a place in life where I was quite confused about my beliefs and just didn’t know where to turn, was not happy, did not belief in myself, did not have the courage that I needed. I reached out to Kat and did some coaching with here one-on-one. Through that process it really, really transformed my life. I connected again with the sacred, with the Divine, in a greater level than I’d ever experienced before and with that felt the call of my life to move into coaching, into leadership and into teaching.

I enrolled in Kat’s program More Than Just a Coach… a very immersive, intensive, deep plunge into what it means to be a spiritual teacher and how to help others. It was very transformative for me. I was so impressed with Kat’s servant heart, her leadership and her unconditional love that she expressed to each of us as students and how she went above and beyond throughout the program to make sure we were supported. She tapped into the quantum to help tailor specifically to each of our individual needs.

Coming out of the program, I have so much more clarity, a vision for life, a vision for my future, a vision for my existing business, and helped me determine my next steps going forward. I would like to thank Kat for the incredible program, for her unconditional love, for her vision of Heaven on Earth that she is helping to create in the world around us today – especially in the challenging times we’re in. If you’re considering joining any of Kat’s programs, I would highly recommend that you do.”