“Kat has changed my life in so many ways. Before this coaching I thought I was broken. I love my husband so much but feared that I didn’t have any sexual desire. Throughout the program I learned so much about myself and my false belief systems and the definitions I had connected to sex. With her help I completely changed my mindset and healed from previous experiences and feel like I am actually in my body again. This has not only helped in my marriage but also in life and business to be connected and empowered in my body and spirit. In our last session Kat also worked with me and my husband to understand each other’s Blueprints and how we can engage with each others Blueprints. It was an incredible experience, so much fun, and we have a whole new marriage. There is a whole new level of love and respect and admiration for each other and I give Kat so much credit and gratitude for that. Every session provided me with a safe space to share my fears and concerns, and supported me in transforming into where I want to be in my life and relationships with others and myself.”