“What I felt and learned from Kat’s mentorship goes beyond anything words can describe but I will do my best. This is a person, who not only teaches, but really opens your eyes & your heart to the realities of not just our invaluable worth, but also in seeing that we truly are meant to have all the things we desire, that the universe will always have our backs, and how to recognize our triggers and work with them in a healthy manner. Since, working with Kat, I have loved myself on a far deeper level than I ever would have imagined, my relationships with those I love have blossomed beautifully, I have learned to view those who triggered me in the past from a different lens, thus I learned to love and accept them as well. Not to mention, I’ve manifested a wicked change in career along with absolutely amazing peers all thanks to this wonderful coach who showed me how to use the tools within me. I will forever be grateful to Kat for all I have learned from her, and if you’re thinking of working with Kat in one of her programs, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!”