“I connected with Kat as a part of my journey towards authentic self and full expression. Sex and sexuality has been an uncomfortable subject for me, that is until my partner and I participated in Kat’s 12 week Blueprints program. I always felt there was something wrong with me that I felt so uncomfortable asking for what I wanted in my sexual relationships with men. Moreover, that I didn’t even know what those things were! I felt incomplete in my Self, disconnected from the feminine, sensual, sexual parts of me that I know are my Goddess-given right to experience in this life.

I am so beyond grateful to Kat and her expertise, her intuitive knowing, her supportive coaching and practical (and juicy) exercises offered as a part of this program that helped me to unlock those parts of myself that felt scared, stuck, insecure, and unable to move forward freely into my Self. Today I feel more empowered in my femininity and my sexuality and not only that, I now have the understanding and the vocabulary to express myself to my partner. So yummy to be able to share what my desires are and to fulfill those of my partner. Needless to say, it’s been a super sexy journey! Thank you, Kat!”