“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kat in the More Than Just a Coach… container. Kat is a remarkable teacher, absolutely grounded and embodied in what she teaches. Her energy is crystal clear, which makes for clear uplevelling, learning, and receiving by her students i.e. me.

I am always so grateful and amazed by Kat’s dedication and commitment to divine service, to lead the way to a world where there is no difference between our dreams and our physical lives, to show us what it looks like.

Kat teaches on another level – the actual content is powerful, but more powerful is the quantum coding of expansion, evolution, and teaching she transmits. By working with her, I’ve become more clear on my vision and I continue to connect with it daily, remembering that the way I have learned from Kat is part of the way I teach and show up in the world.

I’m grateful for Kat, her beautiful heart, and her vision. Thank you!!!”