“I’ve always known that ‘coach’ doesn’t fully describe who I am or what my soul is here to do. Learning from Kat inside the More Than Just a Coach… program, I learned how to connect with my soul’s true purpose and step more into my identity as a quantum teacher. I now feel such a depth and solid foundation within my identity as a light worker, which I didn’t have before.

I learned how to use energy and tap into higher realms to connect with other’s souls and universal wisdom to guide clients—I feel like I now know how to be of highest service as a light worker, which I’ve always desired.

Inside the program, I loved learning & coming to know that I was made 1000% PERFECT for my soul’s mission AND my greatest life & desires. I learned SO many advanced spiritual truths and universal wisdom through Kat and was able to integrate and uplevel into such a higher version of myself. I now feel so much more confident and prepared to show up for my clients in the highest way possible.

“I felt so HELD. So heard. So seen. Phenomenally supported. One of my favorite things about working with Kat is that she sees everyone in their highest potential and as the Divine Being they are—and helps them remember that this is who they are and helps them rise to it.

Kat shows up 110% in every way—for classes, FB support/feedback, and Q&A’s. I could fell and absolutely KNEW her truest desire and intention was to be of the highest service in every way and I had so much confidence and trust that she would show up in integrity always—and she did.

What I learned in this program changed everything for me. It gave me understanding, tools, and a foundation to what I’d always felt but couldn’t articulate before—that coaching is a soul calling for me, is SO much more than the physical aspects of it, and that who I BE is the most important aspect of all. It also gave me a foundation for my light work, as I learned how to create a powerful and soul-aligned vision and gained clarity on what I am here to guide and teach people on.

I would say to trust your soul’s inner guidance and know that it’s leading you to a phenomenal expansion through Kat’s program. I would also say that Kat is 1000% dedicated to her soul’s purpose and shows up fully committed, dedicated, excited, in integrity, and in highest service in all she does. You will be held, guided, and supported every step of the way.”