“Working with Kat, I learned the tools to help myself open up more, connect and receive sexual pleasure.

I feel safe in my relationship and more accepting of my body. My orgasms are more frequent and I am able to be more fully present in the moment during sex.

Working with Kat was amazing! I knew I wanted to work with her since I saw her posts on Instagram a few months ago. She really embodies what she teaches and is so comfortable with her own sexuality and open about her journey that it made me comfortable to discuss anything that was coming up for me.

No matter what questions I had, Kat always had an answer or a technique or tool that fit my needs perfectly.

My sexuality as a whole, as well as my connection with my partner, continue to expand as I continue to practice what I learned in the Self Approved Sex course.

Kat’s teachings added huge value to my life and I am very happy that I decided to take her course.

The course pays for itself in terms of shifting your mindset and changing what you believe is possible for yourself.

Kat is basically a direct channel for source energy and what she provides in terms of guidance is priceless.”