“As women we should feel the way we want to without any limiting beliefs holding us back. Working with Kat has enabled me to tap into this mindset and change my approach to how I want to live a life that feels as authentic to me in every way possible. Through our weekly phone calls, open dialogue and reflection, accountability, weekly assignments, and unconditional support and belief in me, I was able to transform my limiting beliefs around women in the STEM workforce, trusting men in all forms of relationships
(work, romance, family & friends), being healthy, wholesome, and self-compassionate with myself to create a new welcoming space to accomplish new successes and receive new miracles. I can truly say I am blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity of working with her as a student and her as my life coach because now I can show up for beautiful changes as I continue to serve myself with a more positive and loving outlook on life. Keep inspiring and motivating women Kat, your service is making a phenomenal difference!!”