“Working with Kat once a week has gotten me in the routine of setting aside time for me and harnessed some crucial self-love habits. I’ve gone from feeling fearful and uncertain about my next steps to feeling in touch with myself, my desires and my power. It has been a few weeks since we finished her 8 week package and I can still feel the wave of benefits that have come along with it. Kat has helped me reconnect with my true self in a life situation that could have easily pulled me down stream.

I’m really grateful for our sessions and the guidance that Kat provided me with. I’m feeling a level of peace and comfort in my own skin that I haven’t felt since childhood and I credit that to the tools and habits we worked on together. She truly inspires me to be more like ME and more like the authentic version of me. It’s so wonderful to be able to witness someone being brave enough to share their rawness and beauty with the world and it empowers me to be that beautiful version of myself. Thanks for everything Kat.”