“Kat teaches about jumping timelines. And I feel I’m jumping from one timeline to another every week and even after we finished the program! The collective energy is extreme these days. And with the tools I’ve learned, I am riding each wave and reaching a new shore after every dive. I love that there’s a scientific explanation to the spiritual practices Kat teaches. Being able to explain to people what I am doing and using terminology that is digestible depending on their belief system.

I’ve always felt like I was a bad student growing up, and to be fair I was. Schoolwork was never meant for people like me. But in this program, I felt so special, I felt like my nature was excelling without much effort. I felt like I was the best student I had ever been. And now I want to continue being a student for the rest of my life.

I feel I’m more free in how I am living. I am setting on a cross country road trip with no deadline and one aim, com-unity.

What you learn will transform, and morph you. What I hear now vs what I heard then – it’s true what Kat says, there are codes implemented and the deeper you go, the deeper you hear what is being said.”