“I was totally drawn to working with Kat after listening to her on a podcast. I had been wanting to dive deeper into exploring my own sexuality and breaking down some barriers and blocks I knew had formed and I also knew that much deeper, connecting, gratifying sex was available to me.

During the 6 weeks we were working together I did not have a partner, but it was perfect to put into practice and explore what she was sharing on myself, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have started the process of reconnecting with my sexual energy and am learning to tune into subtle energy and sensations through self pleasure.

I learned so much about myself, my desires, relationship dynamics and communication about sex and intimacy than I could have imagined and now I feel like I have an amazing tool set to continue this exploration on my own, and in the future when I have a partner.

Kat is a passionate, extremely skilled coach, who is so supportive and engaged in her clients growth and experience! I am now continuing on into her year long Academy program! This is such powerful work and I am so grateful to have her wisdom and support as I expand and grow! “