“In the past year of being held, coached & supported in the Academy with Kat I have had profound growth and expansion within my inner and outer worlds. 

With Kat’s support and insightful, intuitive coaching, I have connected with more of my true self and essence, and unearthed my deep desires and purpose. 

I have learned to recognize old patterns and stories that hold me hostage and in a contractive state and can now actively shift those feelings and emotions into an expansive and higher vibrational state of being. 

The classes, activations, coaching calls & support create an incredible toolbox of practices easily integrated into daily life to make huge shifts! I have stepped into a higher frequency of trust and well being. I have manifested an incredible relationship and have taken action on projects
and decisions that will expand me into my soul’s purpose as a creator and artist. 

If you are feeling called into growth and expansion, to truly get in touch with your soul and what you desire, then working with Kat is an incredible experience and opportunity.  I think this is the
most important work we can be doing as individuals and as a collective right now.”