“For the first time in my life I FINALLY do not feel like there’s something wrong with me.
I feel so empowered sexually and am finally able to experience sexual satiation. What
I absolutely LOVED the most about working with Kat is her amazingly beautiful energy. She shows up so real, raw, vulnerable, and present which sets up such a safe container for anyone in her presence to be able to show up in the same way.
What I LOVED most about her program is that she shares her personal sexuality struggles that were the catalysts for her becoming such a passionate sex coach. By her showing up so vulnerably and sharing her personal experiences as well as her perspectives is what makes her coaching so unique. She connects with women on such a deep level.
I feel that I have a better understanding of my body therefore when I find a partner I will be able to communicate my needs and desires with more ease. If you desire to be held in such a safe, loving, authentic, open, vulnerable, and knowledgeable space to dive deeper into your sexuality then Kat will be a great fit for you. She’s truly gifted in what she does!!
Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul.”